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In 2022 I posted Ace diversity Blogs, I want to keep it going, but for that to happen I need you to tell your stories!

why I started it

This series is about sharing different experiences of the asexual community. I started it because I write my blogs from my experience and even tho I try to tell people that the experiences can differ, I feel like hearing someone tell their experience works best.

Experiences can differ from country to country and per gender or age etc.

Get involved

Asexuality is an umbrella term, and so the asexual community is extremely diverse.

My blog is written from my perspective being: a white, cis-female, biromantic asexual, sex-repulsed Dutch person in my 20s.

In the blog series Ace diversity, I want to show the diversity and how experiences differ within the community, this blog is for any asexual to get involved and have a platform to share their story.

Read further if you want to get involved

Do you want to share your story?

As I said in the intro of this blog, I want to keep this series going. To do that, I need you to share your story. Are you on the asexual spectrum and do you feel open and secure enough to share your story, then read how to get involved below, important notes:

It can be anonymous,

you can opt out at any moment even if it's online already, I will delete it

under the age of 18, I want to be careful about sharing your story.

Ask If you can your parents/guardians, but I know on the subject of LGBTQIA that can be hard as not everyone is or can be out to their guardians.

Feel free to share your story with me if you are under the age of 18, we will discuss how to handle it.{like putting it online anonymously to protect your safety.}

How to get involved

1. write your story:


  • name/or anonymous

  • pronounce

  • age

  • country

  • how you identify and what that means to you.

Your story:

you can share anything you want, but I’ll give some examples of what you could write about;

coming out story

breaking stereotypes

you have a lot of freedom in what and how you write it. But if you are unsure, you can. Read the ace diversity blogs that are online here: Naomi, anonymouse, Sandra, you can also find those below this blog or ask me for help.

2. Email your story


subject: Ace Diversity


  • Your story

  • If you want a shout out to your socials (+link)

  • A photo of you (if you feel comfortable)

3. I will read your story

I will read your story, and see if it fits the series. Furthermore, I will reply to you about that with maybe some follow-up questions like if you want to add a photo or your socials. Or if I have any other questions about your story. Then I go read it again and put it in the right format for my blog. And then

4. I will send the end result to you.

I will send you the end result of how it will go online, ill send it in a PDF format. And this is so you can approve it to go online or let me know if there is anything that needs changing.

I do not post it before I get consent to post it.

5. Schedule—posting

when you consent for it to go online, I will schedule the post and let you know the date, I will also email you when it's posted.

I will keep this series going as long as possible, so no deadline. The ace diversity blogs are always posted on the 28th of the month if I have any ready to post. Big thank you to the 3 people who have already joined the ace diversity series. This is a huge help for other people who might want to join. And it shows how beautiful it is to read different stories

Thank you for reading this blog,

you are acesome.

Be sure to give this blog a like, comment,

or even share if you liked it.

I hope to see you back next time,

♤ The Ace Mind — Joëlle ♡


*Blog Written by Joëlle AKA The Ace Mind

*I am not a professional, the things I write are pulled from my personal experiences or external resources.

*If you want to be part of my blog in any way

you can contact me here:

site chat, Instagram, twitter, mail

*If I made any kind of mistake in this blog post, please let me know, so I can change it.

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